Monster Is Intentionally Pulling Subway Emergency Brakes During Rush Hour

NYC Subway

Even though the MTA released new performance statistics over the weekend showing the highest performance level since 2013... those who commute to Manhattan each day aren't used to it always being so breezy. Chances are you've been trapped in between stations for an extended period of time for some reason or another. Things happen I suppose, but then I heard about THIS. MONSTER.

A man who intentionally pulls the e-brake on a rush hour train. This evil individual has struck multiple times, and has always managed to get away.

He climbs aboard the rear of the train as it departs a station, unlocks the safety chains, somehow gets into the rear cab, and triggers the emergency brakes. Then, he disappears.


PIX 11 continues:


Let's hope they catch this creep so we're not all late for work.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Wendy Wild

Wendy Wild

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