Woman Completely Shows Up NYC Subway 'Showtime' Dancers

This! This is EVERYTHING. Haha -- Every New Yorker knows that when it's 'showtime' you'd better take cover to ensure you're not kicked in the head.

Not to discredit some of the groups who do display an impressive level of talent. Plus, there's something so uniquely New York about it. BUT... on the other hand, those looking for a peaceful ride home aren't exactly given a choice on whether or not they're interested in 'showtime.'

Watch as this woman took matters into her own hands. (Then we'll discuss the reaction!)

"Miss, miss, yo miss"...

The angry subway dancer is visibly UPSET at being shown up at his own game. She didn't stop... instead she threw her own hat into the air and caught it on her head (after a few tries.)

Reddit had a field day with this...

"Like, the guy is annoyed she's dancing," said one comment. "Does he not see how that's how we all feel as passengers?"

And THAT my friends is my point here. If you're going to make your hobby unsolicited dancing... you can't hate on others for doing the same. 🤷‍♀️

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Wendy Wild

Wendy Wild

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