#TRAVEL: Top 10 Trending Destinations on TikTok!

You might be planning some ‘revenge travel’ now but for a while there, if you wanted to see the sights, you had to do it with the help of the internet. Well, it appears a lot of people are using TikTok as their go-to platform to take a virtual vacation.

Here are the top 10 trending destinations according to TravelPulse.

1. New York City. NYC is absolutely cleaning up on TikTok. The number of views for videos featuring the Big Apple is over 216 billion. And with all the food, art, architecture, and culture, it’s no wonder they’re never at a loss for content.

2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Dubai might be at the top of Gen Z’s travel bucket list. This modern city is filled with plenty of interesting and fun things to see and do and it’s generated 37.1 billion views on TikTok.

3. Istanbul, Turkey. The meat of a Europe and Asia sandwich, Istanbul has racked up 16.19 billion views on TikTok. Highlights include the Grand Bazaar and the Hagia Sophia Holy Grand Mosque but there’s no shortage of awesome things to see and experience.

4. London, U.K. Britain’s capital city has garnered 13.9 billion views on the app and secured its spot in the top five most popular cities.

5. Barcelona, Spain. Thanks to its architecture and its fantastic spots for photography, Barcelona has 12.6 billion views and the fifth spot as a trending TikTok city.

6. Paris, France. TikTokers love watching videos out of The City of Love. And clearly, with 11.2 billion views there is much more going on in Paris than just the Eiffel Tower and partially exposed baguettes.

7. Mumbai, India. Mumbai has the perfect mix of all things India. Religions, fashion, finance, ancient history, and Bollywood have helped the city rank in seventh place with 9.6 billion views.

8. Hawaii. If you want a pile of likes on your next TikTok post, plan a trip to Hawaii. With 9.4 billion views on videos so far it seems as though people are taking full advantage of the state’s beautiful volcanic beaches, stunning rainforests, and beautiful waterfalls.

9. Miami. Miami has pulled in 9.1 billion views on TikTok which is no surprise to anyone that has experienced their awesome food and incredible nightlife.

10. Toronto, Canada. Toronto was the only city from our neighbor to the north to crack the top 10. They’ve gathered 8.4 billion views and surprisingly the majority of the posts have nothing to do with hockey or maple syrup.

HT: Travel Pulse

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