NETFLIX can tell if you are using someone else's password!

If you are using someone else's NETFLIX password... the time for you to keep doing so... is running out. 


The content GIANT is using software - right now - which looks for potentially fraudulent activity when it comes to login information and passwords. 

They're able to track your IP address, your location, where you live, your mobile device and more based on the permissions granted to the service via the TERMS AND CONDITIONS. The software they're using can then tell if the user is actually the user based on an analysis of the data they're already collecting on you... and if they find something, they will ask you to upgrade your account to a premium one which includes sharing OR they can in some cases cancel the account. 

Netflix reports that one in four people share their login credentials for the service. 

#TobysTake: Come on, if you love the service, use it. Is it really that expensive? I mean, it costs money to deliver the great service and programming NETFLIX delivers, so set-it-and-forget-it on a credit card near you! 

LOGO: Netflix. Used under agreement. 

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