Designer Bobby Berk Solves 7 of Your Biggest Challenges

Photo: Getty Images

Ever look around the room and just think, "Ug, this is not what I want, but I don't know how to fix it"? Thankfully Bobby Berk can help you with those design problems.

An instant fix or update for any room is Curtains

Find your style by asking yourself questions that don’t have to do with design. What's your favorite TV show or movie, dream vacation destination, fashion role model? Gather photos and think about what they have in common: similar colors, a sense of humor, a certain era? Write a list of those traits and use them to edit furniture and paint colors.

Save on rugs.

Splurge on your bed: mattress, pillows, sheets

Think of your home as where you recharge (like your phone).

Every room needs three kinds of lighting: Directional task lighting, ambient overhead or recessed lighting, and accent lighting like table lamps and candles.”

Live by the 3-rule."Things that are done in threes give more impact.”


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