VIRAL VIDEO: 38-Year-Old Woman Says She "Makes Bank" Babysitting

Positive young female babysitter in casual clothes playing with infant children in cozy playroom with colorful educational toys

Photo: Manu Vega / Moment / Getty Images

In case you're a 30-something looking for a career change or wondering what you should do what your life, maybe don't give up the idea of "professional babysitter", because there's a 38-year-old woman on social media explaining how she's got it made doing just that.

There's a new emerging trend: it's an internet thread of people saying it's time to "normalize babysitting as adults."

Now, there's a 38-year-old woman on TikTok named Allison who has gone viral for agreeing with that statement as she revealed and explained how she "makes bank" as a babysitter.

Allison also admitted she was once offered $500 to watch 2 kinds for 24 hours...not a bad gig.

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