WATCH: Lewis Capaldi Mocks Online 'Discourse' Over Taylor Swift And Matty

Lewis Capaldi Performs At PRYZM Kingston

Photo: Getty Images

Lewis Capaldi has taken to TikTok to mock the ongoing rumors about Taylor Swift and Matty Healy dating.

In case you haven't heard, Swift and Healy are rumored to dating after Swift's split from Joe Alwyn.

Capaldi couldn't help but mock fans who gossip about the couple.

The singer posted a TikTok on Monday (5/22/23) where he appears worried and staring off into the distance as "O Fortuna" symphony by Carl Orff plays.

“Random people on the internet preparing to give their thoughts on the ‘Taylor Swift/Matty Healy discourse,’” Capaldi wrote in text over the video. In the caption, he added: “The world must hear what I have to say.”

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