AdventHealth Orlando epidemiologist says pandemic almost over- but not yet.

Is the coronavirus pandemic finally over? That was the hot topic during Thursday's AdventHealth Orlando COVID-19 update. Epidemiologist Vincent Hsu says no- but we're deep in the 'red zone.'

"So we are not at the point where the pandemic can be considered over. We are very close," Dr. Hsu said. "You could say we're on the 10 yard line, 5 yard line- right there toward the goal line but we can't spike the ball just yet."

To get over the goal line, Dr. Hsu says we need to get more people vaccinated against the virus.

"We are in this somewhat unfortunate or uncomfortable situation where there are still a large number of people that haven't been vaccinated so there are still pockets of infection."

Dr. Hsu says people who have been vaccinated no longer have to wear masks and social distance but the same doesn't go for those who haven't been inoculated. They need to still practice COVID safety protocols.

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