LISTEN: Poll Shows Most Floridians Back DeSantis' Pandemic Response

ST. LEO -- A new poll of 500 Floridians taken in early February shows majority support for Governor DeSantis himself and for his responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The St. Leo University Polling Institute survey finds more than 57 percent strongly or somewhat approve of the governor's overall performance. About 56 percent support his overall handling of the pandemic, while 60 to 62 percent support his stances on business reopenings and vaccines. 55 percent support his policies on reopening schools. DeSantis' overall numbers have mostly recovered from a dip in the October survey.

While Democrats and media have raised questions about his strategies, Pollster Frank Orlando says DeSantis has avoided the doomsday scenarios predicted for a state with a large older population. Orlando maintains that attacks on DeSantis have just made him more popular with Republicans, who appreciate his push back on media questions.

Meantime, support for Florida's two U.S. senators remains above water... 54 percent for Rick Scott, 50.6 percent for Marco Rubio.

LISTEN to an interview with Frank Orlando about the poll (and follow Beyond the News):

Photo: Getty Images