Haley Reinhart Drops Sultry New Single 'Don't Know How To Love You'

Haley Reinhart returned with a brand-new single called "Don't Know How To Love You," on Friday (September 14) and the former American Idol is set on stirring up all kinds of emotions.

Clocking at just over four minutes, the intimate number hears the 28-year-old offer up soaring vocals as she confesses her conflicting battle with a longtime lover. "In the morning I reach for your embrace/ 'Cause I know that you need mine/ And I want you to know it can stay this way till the end of our lives," she croons atop the midtempo melody. It's all positive passion until she drops a confession during the hook: She doesn't know how to love her beau. Co-written and co-produced by Reinhart, the track serves as the lead single from her upcoming fourth studio album, which is scheduled to drop in 2019. 

In a statement to iHeartRadio, Reinhart emphasized how personal the track stands amongst the rest of her discography, saying, "'Don't Know How To Love You' is a soulful ballad that def tugs at the heartstrings. It's one of the most vulnerable songs I've ever written and co-produced." The cut follows in the footstep of her jazz-charged "Last Kiss Goodbye," which was released in late May. 

Reinhart's release comes at a celebratory time as the Chicago native just turned 28-years-old on Sunday. "Thank you for the warm-hearted & thoughtful messages! So many beautiful moments and projects have transpired this year," she captioned her birthday post on Instagram. "Timing has been on my side along with the universe! You can find me Nashville tonight, dancin’ my booty off! I’ve already managed to drink way too much coffee, buy too many clothes at a vintage shop, hear @thebeatles & @therollingstones eeeeverywhere I go! Oh and record some DOPE new material."

"Don't Know How To Love You" is currently available for download on iTunes

Photo: YouTube/Haley Reinhart